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Holiday Punch

Holiday Punch

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Dust off the punchbowl! It's time for an old school, spiked punch social! Frozen cherries keep the punch nice and cold, without the need for ice cubes!MORE+LESS-


orange, cut into wheels


can (20 oz) pineapple chunks, drained


cup juice from maraschino cherries (or grenadine)


cup triple sec (or other fruit flavored liqueur)


litre bottle cherry flavored sparkling water


bags (10 oz) Cascadian Farm™ Frozen Organic Sweet Cherries (or other frozen fruit, as desired)

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    First, pour the sugar and the orange and lemon juice into the punch bowl, and stir until the sugar dissolves (just a few minutes).

  • 2

    Add all liquors, maraschino juice, pineapple chunks and the orange and lemon wheels. Cover and refrigerate for 2 hours, to let the flavors blend.

  • 3

    Immediately before serving, add the chilled sparkling water and the frozen cherries. Stir and serve.

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More About This Recipe

  • Okay, don’t diss me for bringing up the holidays in, YES . September.I know, I know - we just got the kids back to school, and Halloween is around the corner, yada yada yada. But a recent family celebration, complete with punchbowl, left me all mushy and misty and wanting to share this wonderful Holiday Punch recipe with you!For my family, punch is synonymous with celebrations, not just major holidays. Nothing says “festive” like a punch bowl – who could argue that? I don’t have my own, so for any punch-requisite events, I borrow my cousin Max’s – which originally belonged to our Grandma Hilde.Grandma’s punchbowl is packed in its original water-stained box (my Grandparent’s house flooded at least a couple times when I was growing up.) It’s a HEAVY box – 21 pounds for the bowl, ladle, and 18 little punch cups. It’s a beautiful set –not Waterford or cut crystal, certainly, but heavy with lots of nice details - better than most you could get today. The set retailed for $35 when it was purchased (the price is right there on the side of the box!), in the 50’s or 60’s.I’m guessing Grandma bought it on sale, too. Isn’t this a thoughtful message on the inside packing!? Just in case some took out the punchbowl and panicked – “sweet mercy, where are the punch cups”!Alright, enough of my memory lane. You want punch, and punch you shall have. The recipe is super easy – many of the ingredients you likely have on hand!Take note, punch making is a great time to clean out the liquor cabinet. The recipe calls for rum and triple sec, however I have made this punch with a variety of rums (light, dark, flavored, etc.) and fruit flavored schnapps or liqueurs with excellent results. (Once I even used cachaca, a sugar cane derived liquor, in place of the rum - this was completely off the hook in deliciousness . and potency.) But if you want to make this non-alcoholic, leave out the booze and add a little more cherry-flavored sparkling water. Cover the punch bowl with cellophane and put that bad boy in the fridge to chill for a couple hours, so the flavors blend. (Make sure you are chilling the seltzer water, too.) Add the cold seltzer and the frozen cherries immediately before serving.A word on the frozen cherries. I love using frozen fruit in punch – it eliminates the need for ice, and as such eliminates the yucky, diluted melt-y ice cube effect from the punch experience entirely. And what’s better than the punch soaked fruit at the bottom of your tiny cup? I rest my case!Pack a Punch!Here are more great punch recipes that are big on flavor.

Holiday Punch

The Holiday Punch is a community-created melee weapon for the Heavy. It is a large pair of team-colored knitted mittens, featuring a decorative snowflake woven into the back.

This weapon functions similarly to the Fists except for an additional backstab-esque mechanic. The weapon will always crit from behind in an arc similar to that of the Backburner's (approximately 90 degrees). Any critical hits from this weapon, whether from behind or otherwise, will do no damage but will cause victims to burst into laughter, leaving them temporarily defenseless. Those under the effects of an ÜberCharge can be forced to laugh. Victims who also have the Holiday Punch equipped and held will always be forced to laugh when hit by a heavy wielding the Holiday Punch, regardless of the damage or angle of the hit. Mini-crits will not cause opponents to laugh. Laughing will only occur if the victim is in a position where they would normally be able to taunt. This means that critical hits do not affect disguised or cloaked Spies in any way or victims who are underwater, in the air, or already taunting.

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30 Best Christmas Punch Recipes for the Adults and Kids in Your Household

Everyone's favorite part of the Christmas dinner menu varies. Maybe it's the creamy mashed potatoes, the beautifully glazed holiday ham, or cheesy veggie casseroles. But there's one part of the meal that's vital to its success, yet often gets overshadowed: the Christmas drink lineup. This year, you may have had to alter some of your favorite Christmas traditions&mdashso make one of these festive Christmas punch recipes instead for a new annual activity! Ahead, you'll find recipes for both adults and kids, varying from drinks to accompany dinner to drinks you'll want for dessert.

If you're a red wine lover like Ree Drummond, you might be drawn to the cozy mulled wine recipes for warming up on a chilly night. Or, to get the kids in on the fun, make one of the sherbet punches to serve alongside your Christmas desserts. You'll find seasonal flavors galore in these Christmas drinks, like cinnamon, gingerbread, cranberry, and more. You might want to make a few of these Christmas cocktail recipes throughout the month of December to really get in the holly-jolly spirit. After all, you'll need to test out these holiday punches before serving them on the big day&mdashadd some to your Christmas Eve dinner menu too!

Boozy Punches

Alright, for the adults in the room: punches that do feature a dose of winter cheer.

6. Sparkling Bourbon Pear Cider

Everyone likes this mildly sweet and wintery bourbon pear cider. Pour your bourbon as light or heavy as you'd like.

7. Mulled Wine

Mulled wine will not only make any wine-lover happy, but its wonderful Christmas-y smell will linger throughout the home. Use the cheaper wines at Trader Joe's ($5 or under) for this.

8. Blood Orange Punch

Blood oranges are coming into season, so get ready to find bags of them at reasonable prices. This tart, refreshing blood orange punch will make you wish they were available year-round.

9. Tequila Horchata Punch

This Southwestern punch is perfect for folks who love the sweet, velvety taste and texture of horchata and the smoothness of good Tequila. Surprise your guests with this one.

10. Christmas Sangria

Classic sangria is great year-round, but this one adds a few cheap ingredients for a more Christmas-y flavor. Remember to use your less expensive Spanish red blends.

11. Poor Girl's Champagne Punch

Want a sparkly, fun punch that impresses a crowd enough for them to ask what's in it? This punch featuring cheap beer and frozen raspberries comes together deliciously.

12. Sparkling Pomegranate Punch

This playful and flavorful pomegranate punch uses both still and sparkling wine, and winter favorite fruit, pomegranates. Head to a local bodega for your pomegranates instead of the big chains who will charge you more for the convenience.

13. Virgin Island Punch

Can't "winter" in the Caribbean this season? Fake it with this sweet and simple punch using a very cheap ingredient aloe juice. Sub in more affordable frozen berries if you are not in an area with fresh available.

14. Cranberry Christmas Punch

This cranberry and pomegranate punch is full of lip-smackingly tart holiday flavor. It's also very easy to mix &mdash make the simple syrup at home in a few minutes.

15. Charles Dickens Punch

What's more Christmas-y than a punch named for the author we talk about most during the holidays? The simple to mix ingredients are set on fire before serving!

What's your favorite holiday punch recipe? Share a ladleful in comments?

12 Nonalcoholic Holiday Punch Recipes

These nonalcoholic holiday punch recipes are sure to be a hit at your holiday party! These holiday punches are festive, easy to make, and most importantly… delicious!

1. Holiday Cranberry Punch

This fizzy, refreshing Holiday Cranberry Punch is the perfect compliment to any festive party or meal. It’s easy to make and serves a large crowd.

2. Creamy White Christmas Punch

Creamy White Christmas Punch is a simple punch recipe that is perfect for any Christmas party or gathering. Everyone will love this white punch!

3. Jingle Juice Holiday Punch

Jingle Juice Holiday Punch is made of sweet tea and cranberry juice punch with warm spices, fresh rosemary springs, pomegranate seeds, and sliced fruit. The perfect festive drink to serve at holiday parties this season!

4. Grinch Punch

Kids will love this fun and easy to make green Grinch Punch!

5. Festive Holiday Punch

This Festive Holiday Punch is full of fresh flavors and also has a delicious frozen slush in it.

6. Cranberry Citrus Almond Holiday Punch

I love the touch of almond in this Cranberry Citrus Almond Holiday Punch. Sure to be a favorite at holiday parties this season!

7. Cranberry Mint Holiday Punch

For a minty and refreshing holiday punch, make sure to try this delicious Cranberry Mint Holiday Punch!

8. Orange Sherbert Punch

Orange Sherbert Punch is a nostalgic holiday beverage that is perfect for holiday parties and events!

9. Perfect Christmas Party Punch

Hosting a Christmas party? Make sure to try this Perfect Christmas Party Punch that’s guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser.

10. Christmas Coffee Punch

Perfect for holiday entertaining, this Christmas Coffee Punch is easy, festive and delicious! Just a few simple ingredients and this punch will be the talk of the party.

11. Festive Snow Punch

Festive Snow Punch is delicious, refreshing, and almost too pretty to drink!

12. Pomegranate Party Punch

This delicious and fruity Pomegranate Party Punch is perfect for any holiday gathering!

I hope you enjoy these nonalcoholic holiday punch recipes!


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